We believe having a diversity is key, bringing in people who are not necessarily from your field of expertise can be a huge leverage in terms of your capabilities.


Hey, I’m MrJonesEdition founder Alexander Jones!


In 2015, I started PassionBeOurGuide where I fostered a global real-time community of founders, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs democratizing specialized knowledge and relationships.



From past experiences I learned it was sometimes difficult to gain access to the right relationships and information. However the miracle of Digital Borders allowed anyone with a stable internet connection to collaborate and learn together in real-time.

Intrigued and inspired with the ideas of becoming a digital nomad was the beginning of a new wave social media marketing agency by Millennials in 2016. Along with professional email marketing and automation software, a web application for Target Audience, and a Coworking Pop Up powered by a mobile cloud.

The idea is to tell stories the best way they will be understood in the social age - and this was through data. How can my remote office better function as a Coworking Pop Up to others - and what are their stories?

Disruption was a way to tell the stories, methods, and insights of the founders of PassionBeOurGuide. Whereas their experiences would otherwise go underutilized by those who need it most.